torstai 21. joulukuuta 2017

Report from Finland #2

330 000...

That's the number! And the other number is 36 000. The first number is how many unemployed we have. The later number is how many vacant jobs we have.

Now comes the first joke:

The Finnish government made a law that you must in 68 days either work for 18 hour or spend 5 days in basically a slave work to get full unemploymency money. They made the law so difficult for unemployed people that around 300 000 Finns will fall into a spiraling down fall of not being able of having a descent living; housing, food or clothing.

The second joke:

The Finnish government killed the funding from the food banks. The number for funding for food banks in the future is literally zero. It's zero. 0. Null. Nada! Here you can see just how many people have to resort on a food bank in one local area in Finland: Food bank line!

In just 2 years the Finnish nation has fallen into chaos. In 2018 we will see famine for the first time in 100 years. And not because we have economical problems. It's just because of bad politics!

We need help! We need aid from the humanity all around the world to stop this insanity! We are in crisis!